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The La Jolla Generations Program services children in grades TK to higher education. The program began in 2007 with just a few students for after school tutoring. Since then, we have expanded to service over 100 youth and their families each year. Our primary focus is providing academic support, but we also know that this is only possible if our children are well rounded spiritually, culturally and physically. Our mission statement is: "To provide an encouraging atmosphere for all generations to enhance their knowledge and respect of culture, health and academics”.

We are named the La Jolla Generations Program because we believe in helping each generation while honoring generations gone and setting a better foundation for those in the future. Our organization is proud to say that all of our current staff are tribal members, and many are former students of the La Jolla Generations Program. Our Education Committee is made up of parents and grandparents with experience in Tribal Education Departments. 

Academics are our main focus. Our program works alongside the school staff, parents, and students to prevent our students from negative outcomes and provide resources that make school a more successful experience. We frequently visit campus and go inside the classrooms for assistance, review attendance, grades, state assessments, and behavior.

After school the children come to the center. We believe that servicing the whole child is the best approach. At the center each child has access to a food, connectivity, library and activities centered around health, culture and life skills. We have presentations about mental health, substance abuse prevention and healthy families.

Health and Wellness are important as it sets a foundation for the children. It is proven that when you feel better your performance improves. We do daily self-reflections and talking circles. Each child has a healthy meal daily. These meals help our children meet their daily nutritional requirements. They participate in a year-round athletic league in partnership with Inter Tribal Sports Inc. (501c3), that offers sports such as softball and basketball on the weekends.
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Culture is woven into all daily activities. The staff loves to blend in language, stories and projects into reading, science, art and history lessons. We are fortunate to have staff that work with mentors and elders for teachings. They are instrumental in guiding and reviewing our lesson plans. Our Youth Council is run by a dedicated group of teens who are interested in pursuing a future leadership role on Tribal Council. They work on presentations, public speaking, tribal policies and fundraising. In addition, they collaborate with other tribal youth across the nation to discuss issues that are important to all tribes.
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The La Jolla Generations Program is committed to running an Education Center that hosts a place for its tribal members to achieve lifelong learning. For adults, we are here to provide guidance with college applications, financial aid, scholarships, housing placement, resumes and job searching. All generations are welcome to share or receive knowledge because traditionally that’s how our tribal people have educated each other. Our goal isn't to replace old traditions with new ones, but to blend them and revitalize cultural teachings.

Throughout the year the department holds several events such as school supply handouts, laptop distributions, and community holiday celebrations. We are grateful for our sources of funding and dedicated partners that allow us to open doors for the community. If you need support visit the Education Center located at the Tribal Hall. For more information please contact:
Inez Sanchez-Pojas